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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OSHA assignment

An earthquake is a phenomenon of the earth's surface caused by a sudden movement in the rocky ground. Earthquakes occur when energy stored in the earth, usually in the form of rock friction, suddenly released.

The earthquake measured with an instrument called the Richter Scale. Earthquakes can be graded from one to nine based on its size based on the Richter scale. Earthquakes can be measured by using a measure of Mercalli intensity scale. Tremors often occur, but not all of the vibrations were strong enough to allow us to feel it.

This energy is channeled to the ground causing an earthquake waves. Scientific study of earthquakes and the wave is known as seismology (from the Greek seismic, to shake).
It should be understood that natural disasters can also occur because of human error and greed as the pursuit of worldly pleasures. By money hills excavated and demolished, development takes place freely, widespread open burning, illegal logging rampant and garbage everywhere. As a result the ecological system and balance of the universe are affected.

 Actions that interfere with and destroy human ecological balance is an act that would lead people to destruction. This is because the relationship between man and nature is very tightly.

For example, the earthquake in Sinchuan has destroyed the buildings and settlements. impact than had also claimed many lives. The government should take drastic measures such as investing in repairing the deteriorating eco-environment in each country. Stern action against offenders who commit most appropriate environmental damage is passed. Hopefully this disaster together we learn from and strive to prevent it as long as there is an opportunity